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Orange Romania supports excellence through the Orange Educational Program – Engineering to students in the third year of the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology.

It offers 10 scholarship places, 42 places for summer practice at Orange Romania, of which 10 will be reserved to scholars, and for attending courses in the Orange Educational Program – Engineering.

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The 42 practice spots are distributed in all groups from Technical and IT departments. The list with the available positions is found in the attached file.

The curriculum is organized into 10 modules containing courses that cover all technologies used in a mobile network. In total it contains 145 hours of instruction and 18 hours of verification of knowledge. For details, consult the detailed curriculum from the attached file.

Enrollment in the Orange Educational Program – Engineeering, academic year 2015 – 2016, can be made with one of the three educational packages detailed in Regulation for educational package granting which is in the attached file.

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In the context of cooperation with the Freescale company, it offers 3 and 4 year students a course on implementing solutions for 4G communications equipment. The course objective is to familiarize students with the classic software used in the industry, starting from design and culminating with functionality and performance testing.



The students can participate in Cryptology Bases free course offered by SIE specialists. The course aims students in the third year – TST and RST (course description).



Third year students (30 each semester) from all majors can attend every saturday in SAIM Laboratory (room A110) to the freely elected courseInnovative Android Application Development ( with guests and prizes from Samsung Romania, providing training for competitions like MobilPRO (


Robochallenge Summer School

Robochallenge Summer School started from our desire to be closer to our contestants, to offer them the support and guidance needed in order for them to build a competitive robot.
The trainees receive mechanics, electronics and programming classes, but also, the fact we think it is the most important: experience exchange with former contestants and trainees.
We set up a laboratory, equipped with necessary means for testing and developing robots: measuring devices, tools for PCB making and necessary design software. Optimum functionality of robots can be tested on fields similar to the ones used in the official competition, therefore sensors and robot parameters can be calibrated.


If you consider words as robots, programming, electronics or mechanics are true mysteries or sound very familiar, we are waiting for you to reveal them together! Let’s build this summer the robot you will be competing with at the next Robochallenge edition!
Use the following link to register: