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At the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology training of future specialists in communications is ensured by the Telecommunications Department in two specializations: Telecommunications Technologies and Systems (TST) and Telecommunications Networks and Software (RST).


Through the analytical programs of the courses offered to students from the Telecommunications Technologies and Systems specialization , is aiming to ensure a solid fundamental training in telecommunications vast area (courses of curriculum in semesters 3, 4 and, in particular, in semesters 5 and 6 ), coupled with a specialization in various technologies and telecommunications systems (provided in the curriculum  in semesters 7 and 8). The specific of this direction is the priority given to modern communications technologies and equipment.
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The specific objectives of the study program focuses primarily on the fields of networks, software and telecommunications services.
Specialized knowledge in networking, software and telecommunication services relate to:
– Concepts, principles, architectures and communication protocols for integrated networks;
– Traffic engineering (management and optimization);
– Network programming technologies (Internet);
– Operating systems (UNIX, Linux, Windows, Symbian);
– Networking software engineering and services (Java programming, Web services);
– Elements of networks and information security;

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