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“Telecommunication Networks and Software (RST)” Specialization

Specific objectives of the study program focuses primarily on the fields of telecommunications networks, software and services.

Specialized knowledge in telecommunications networks, software and services relate to:

  • concepts, principles, communication architecture and protocols for integrated networks;
  • infrastructure and integrated and specialized networking features;
  • data communication – principles, methods, systems;
  • traffic engineering (management and optimization);
  • networking programming technologies (Internet);
  • operating systems (UNIX, Linux, Windows, Symbian);
  • networking software engineering and services (Java programming, Web services);
  • elements of networks and information security;

– designing, implementation and exploitation of fixed and mobile communications networks considering the increase of the heterogeneity of access technologies and services integration perspective;
– language techniques and tools for developing complex software systems of communication;

The curriculum has been designed with a large opening, using as models programs from elite universities with similar specializations.

The specialization in the field of Telecommunication Networks and Software is done in semesters 7 (in part) and 8.