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Diploma thesis 2014-2015

Calendar of student’s activities for approval and support of Diploma / Dissertation Project

Activities Where Deadlines
Display lists of topics proposed by the teachers for Diploma / Dissertation projects Billboard / Departments Site October 30, 2014
Choosing the topic, contact the coordinator and completing the topic’s registration form – Annex 1/2 of graduation thesis rules – 3 copies Professors from specialization October-December 2014
Submission of the registration form (Appendix 1/2) to the appropriate department secretariat every study program for topic’s approval Secretariat of Coordinator Department December 15, 2014
Display the list of non-approved topics Approved diploma topics February 1, 2015
Students can pick up two copies of the approved topics or corrections necessary details on the topics approved. Secretariat Coordinator Department first 2 weeks of the semester 2
Correcting or modifying themes that have not been approved and re-filing by students to department secretariat Secretariat Coordinator Department March 1, 2015
License activity and project preparationPractice for Bachelor project Faculty’s laboratories 2nd Semester
Filing Appendix 7 completed and signed by the head of the project, comprising score awarded by him for Diploma project preparation Secretariat Coordinator Department end of 2nd semesterMay 29, 2015
Graduates can complete and print the application form, which must be endorsed by the project manager 2 wk. before presenting the project
Submission of the registration dossier faculty secretariat for the project presentation Faculty’s Secretariat 2 wk. before presenting the project
Electronic Upload the final draft form of PDF document on a server ETTI 5 days before the presenting projects session